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Utah Filmmaker Showcase

MAY 28 | Edison House

Utah Film Center’s Artist Foundry presents 6 short films by Black, Indigenous, and POC-identified Utah filmmakers and a Q&A moderated by Danor Gerald, local filmmaker and co-host of Roots, Race & Culture on PBS.

The Films:

This Was The Place
Nathan Manuel
2021 | 19 minutes

This short film highlights an indigenous perspective of the city and Indian reservation. Specifically the neighborhoods of Glendale, Poplar Grove and Rose Park in Salt Lake City, Utah. Along with the Tohono O’odham Indian reservation.

Kohl Bybee
2023 | 8 minutes

A gender non-conforming teen creates their own outfit ro reflect their identity at a dance, unbeknownst to their mother. When their mother presents them with a dress, Dusk persists with the outfit they created; allowing their mother to gain a greater understanding of who they are.

I Have No Tears, and I Must Cry
Luis Fernando Puente
2022 | 13 minutes

Maria Luisa is ready to escape immigration limbo, but when her green card interview takes an unexpected turn, she faces the anxiety of losing the life she had planned.

Dua Azhar
2023 | 11 minutes

A Punjabi bride gets kidnapped by her best friends from her own wedding, only to have their car die while on the run in the middle of nowhere Utah. While they get help from a Utah local, tensions rise as to what each of them believes should be their next move.

J. Manzo
2023 | 5 minutes

Cameron tries to connect with their partner but something seems to get in the way: they need fire to achieve sexual satisfaction.

Lonzo Liggins
2019 | 10 minutes

Reflections on attitudes about racism in America and learning about “The Talk” as it’s understood in the African-American community. From the perspective of a “white latino.”

Moderator Bio:

Danor Gerald | Director, Writer, Producer, Actor.

Raised in Mississippi Chicago and Texas, Danor Gerald has lived and worked all over the U.S. He has resided in UT since 2003. Danor Cohosts & produces the Emmy-Nominated TV series “Roots, Race, & Culture” airing on PBS Utah and in other US cities. His feature films have accumulated 30+ U.S. & international film festival awards : from “Best Director” to “Best Feature Film & Best Documentary”. His work has been seen on PBS, The Smithsonian and in the US Civil Rights Museum, Gerald owns/operates Monark Media, PC. Gerald is on the Board of Directors for Zion’s Indie Film Festival. You can also see him hosting ‘The Buzz’” a pre-feature entertainment show at the LHM Megaplex Theaters. Gerald is a frequent contributor to the “We Believe” App which has received over 500k downloads and posted over 1000 inspirational daily devotionals.

The Artist Foundry is a professional co-working space focused on providing space, community, and resources for Utah filmmakers and content creators. 

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