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Current Trends and the Future of Distribution Panel

February 27, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Location: Cutthroat

An in-person discussion between EVP of Angel Studios, Brandon Purdie and founder of Blue Fox Entertainment, James Huntsman, about current trends in film distribution, how they see the distribution landscape evolving, their hopes for the future, and advice for filmmakers.

For Artist Foundry members and filmmakers.

Brandon Purdie

Brandon Purdie, with a lifelong career in film and cinema since the age of 14, is now a distinguished leader with a 24-year tenure in the theatrical film distribution industry. He founded Purdie Distribution in 2008, overseeing the successful release of nearly 100 indie films. Following the triumphant sale of Purdie Distribution in February 2023, Angel Studios appointed him as the trailblazing EVP of Global Theatrical Distribution. In this paramount role, Purdie orchestrates the worldwide theatrical release of Angel’s powerful films, a repertoire that includes cinematic gems like “Sound of Freedom” and “Cabrini,” alongside Angel’s dynamic future slate of films—Sight, Possum Trot, Homestead, Bonhoeffer, and the animated musical epic, David. His disruptive and visionary approach aligns seamlessly with a grassroots-driven ethos, unequivocally demonstrated by the industry-transforming success of titles like “Sound of Freedom.” As an esteemed thought leader, Purdie consistently lends his insights to prestigious industry panels, enlightening podcasts, high-profile national media interviews, and respected trade publications, fortifying his enduring impact on the cinematic landscape. His pivotal role extends beyond distribution, contributing significantly to Angel’s enduring commitment to weaving narratives that amplify light and resonate with audiences on a global scale, solidifying his status as a preeminent leader in the global theatrical film and cinema industry.

James Huntsman

In 2015 James partnered with Todd Slater to form Blue Fox Entertainment. Today, the company is a full service distribution, international sales and financing company handling approximately 25 movies a year of all genres, both narratives and documentaries. James also occasionally produces including the recent horror trilogy BUTCHERS, the WW1 horror thriller BUNKER and the upcoming documentary THE CONQUEROR: HOLLYWOOD FALLOUT. Prior to working in the film industry, James spend over 2 decades working in the family business his father started.

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